**Investment Banker – Vasanthamugi
Supporting the Startup Companies to develop their Investment Plan/Pitch Deck. Fund Raising through the Angel Investment & Venture Capital Companies.
Fund Raised for Startups from 5 Lakhs RS to 3 Cr Rs of Investment

**Digital Marketer, VM AFFLUENCE Supports the Companies in Digital Marketing activities such as Driving the Traffic for your Website using the right approach in the Digital Marketing by Organic and Paid Strategy.
Checkout – www.vmaffluence-digitalmarketing.xyz
Checkout – www.vmaffluence.com

**Business Events & Networking for Entrepreneurship Development
VM AFFLUENCE Conducts a Number of Biz Events for the Entrepreneurship Development across South India.

**Investment Banker – Vasanthamugi, Raise Funds for the Startup & Mid-Size Companies with the Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist.

**Business Consultant & Revenue Strategist – VM AFFLUENCE, To Improve the Revenue of the Company using the New Marketing Strategies & B2B Business Models. We create the Business Models for the Startup Companies.

**Founder & CEO @ VM AFFLUENCE & Founder of Entrepreneurship Magazine – “VASANTHAMUGI.BIZ” – vasanthamugi@vasanthamugi.biz

**VM AFFLUENCE is a Advertisements/Marketing/Digital Marketing & Business Strategy development company for the Startups across India.

**VM AFFLUENCE helps to enhance the Revenue of the Company by Providing the Curated Leads for your Organization which would Improve the Revenue of the Company.

Website @ www.vasanthamugi.biz

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Whatsapp – +91 – 7676-16-4733 & 91-7618-76-4846
Skype – vasanthamugi.t2
Email – vasanthamugi@vmaffluence.com, vasanthamugi.vm@gmail.com
Facebook – Vasanthamugi

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