September 17, 2019

BPO Project Outsourcing, Connect with us on

BPO Project Outsourcing, GST Work Project, Franchising Company from Bangalore. Company willing to Franchise the BPO Operations to #Brangalore, #Chennai #Hyderabad, #Mumbai, #Pune Pan India Franchising is also available. Minimum Seats – 5 Seats, One Closure – 9,000 Rs/- , Connect with us on & Mobile – +91 7676-16-47733 & +91 7618-76-4846



Vasanthamugi, is the Founder & CEO of VM AFFLUENCE & VM OPULENCE, Developing both the Technology and the Finance Company, Helping the Companies in the Technology such as Website, Web Application Development, Mobile Application development & Research of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. VM OPULENCE helps the Companies to raise the Funding and the Common Public to get their loans based on the Collateral. VM OPULENCE is connected with around 200 Plus Funding Organizations across India to help the Startup Companies. For More Information Connect, Whatsapp - +91 740-6789-534

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