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We start your Business, Nurture Your Business, Grow your Business and Hand it over to you….

VM AFFLUENCE, helps lots of Entrepreneurs to build their own dream company, VM AFFLUENCE will be completely helping the Entrepreneur to startup their own business from Kick starting their Business to help them doing a “Potential Buy Out”. VM AFFLUENCE will help the Entrepreneurs to Build their Company from Scratch, We Nurture their business, grow it for the Entrepreneur. We help and guide them build the Technology, Digital Marketing, Branding, Offline Marketing, Investments to a Potential Buyout Plan.

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VM AFFLUENCE help them to get the right clients. We work on the Financial Modelling, Investment Planning, Team building, Technology to bridge the gap in the functionality and head the company towards the growth factor. VM AFFLUENCE will show the exact figures of the revenue both in the papers and the exact reality, we will help the Entrepreneurs to scale up their business in technology and the market valuation. We take the company to the first level of Seed Investment from Angel Investors to the Bigger Funding through the Top Funding Institutions.

  • Guiding the Entrepreneurs Idea to analyze it is a potential business for the current market.
  • Analyzing the Global Market for the current business.
  • Analyzing the Potential Competitors.
  • Strategizing the Technology Requirement.
  • Strategizing the Digital Marketing Requirement.
  • Knowing the Potential Clients for the Entrepreneur.
  • Setting Up the Team.
  • Bringing the Seed Fund for the Company.
  • Bringing the Expansion & the Global Expansion Funding.
  • Bringing the New Ideas in the Industry to the Knowledge of the Entrepreneurs.
  • Bringing the “Buy Back Investors” for the “Liquidation”
  • Knowing the Potential Sell Out Plan.

Related imageVM AFFLUENCE have helped lots of Small & Medium Enterprise Companies to build their own company, and see the real fact of scaling up the business. We also help the companies to build up their Successful Franchise Modelling. We will also help the Entrepreneurs to get the loans from the Top Indian and International Banks, where they can use the funds to scale up their businesses. We will also use our Strong Digital Marketing Strategy to help the business to scale up and make it available to the end customers. Digital Branding and Online Reputation will help the companies to position their product in the Market.

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VM AFFLUENCE help the Entrepreneurs to build up the retail chain to help the end customers who use the services/products of the company. Analyzing the potential and Marketing Valuation of the products with the Business development of the company helps to maintain the specific clientele for the company. This would also improve the valuation of the company. VM AFFLUENCE would completely nurture the business for a minimum period of 10 years of time.

VM AFFLUENCE will be helping the companies to get funds such as,

  • Seed Investments Debt Funding or Equity Funding
  • Expansion Funding
  • Global Expansion Funding
  • Distressed Company Funding

Digital Branding helps to position the Product created by the company or the services rendered by the company. Digital Marketing will help to maintain the Online Reputation of the Brand. Digital Marketing will help the company to improve the sales. Digital Marketing in turn helps to improve the Valuation of the Company.

VM AFFLUENCE IS A “Technology Company” Converted as a “Business Incubation & Fund Raising Company” for the Startups and the Mid-Size Companies across India.

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