September 17, 2019

Domain Expert/ Business Analyst Required for a Funded Startup, Location – Bangalore

Primary Skills

Should have 5-8 Years of experience in relevant role

Strong problem solving and analytical skills.

Involved in identifying complex fuzzy problems, break it down in smaller parts and implement creative, data-driven solutions.

Would be responsible for defining, analysing and communicating key metrics and business trends to the management teams.

Should be able to model data in order to create reporting infrastructure/dashboards for business process management and data mining.

Should be able to execute quantitative analysis that translates data into actionable insights.

Should drive data driven decision making through the stake holders.

Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

Ability to multitask and work on a diverse range of requirements.

Experience in analysing very large, complex, multi-dimensional data sets.
Penchant for business, curiosity about numbers and persistence to work with data to tease out insights.

Secondary Skills

Would be an advantage if you know to use UML Tools

Should have worked atleast 4 years using Agile Methodology

Exposure to domains like Agro, HealthCare

Position: 2


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