September 18, 2019

How to be Successful in your Business , Life or Career ?

Hello Everyone, I just thought that I should write a number of blogs which I have experienced and come across that can help and be a value add for everyone’s Life. As everyone knew and I have also written in many of my posts that I was raised in a humble background with day to day struggles in Life, What made me an Entrepreneur as I am today might help few of the people. I was raised in a background where god had a major part to play, We had to believe that God was deciding our path and the way we are successful.

When I was studying 6th Standard, I had a Lesson from the Life of Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, Where she was house arrested for 15 Years of Time, When my class teacher explained me, I was really astonished how a Human can be so powerful .. The Moment made me to realize that every Human has utmost potential which has to be used in a very better productive way that can help and serve the lives of a number of people. 

Coming back to our Main point on how to be successful in our Business, Life or Career, is only though One way. There is only one way to every problem solutions of the Life. That is using your power of consciousness, that is the power of mind. Every Top people whom we point our fingers have worked hard to reach their willing destiny. The Road to Success is very easy, We are the One who complicate the road or our Path. 

How many knew that each and every actions we do, has equal and opposite reaction, Issues/Problems will be there in everyone’s person’s Life. The Issues should not be usually considered as problems but It has to be considered as the challenge from the Mother Nature. When we face each challenges we need to Think, Analyze and Find out the Solution for the problem(CHALLENGES), We win it.  SUCCESS can come within 5 Minutes as well, within a Month as well within a year as well we are the one who decides whether we want success in 5 Minutes or 5 Years using our positive and negative thoughts , Otherwise, We cog in the Problems (In turn which is a viable challenge) We get into more and more troubles in Business or Career in turn we will make it to Impact our Personal Life’s as well.

Buddha say the mind is the cause of each and every action, Meditation can calm your mind and makes you to think analyse and create the solution to any problem/challenges of life. The Goal Setting would be a very Vital factor to analyse where is your reach every month, quarterly, annually, after 3 years, after 5 years. Notebooks were used to fix up the goals early days. Now we have technology where we can use our excel sheets, Google Keep App, Google Calendar to Create your Goals. Set Goals, Make the right path to achieve the goals, Read it daily, Make it a Habit, Now Success is your path..

So Now the PROBLEMS in your Business or Life will turn as Challenges, and Our Mind will be fixed to overcome every Challenges. How to set your Goal will be described in my other Upcoming Posts. Follow me on Facebook – Vasanthamugi, Linkedin – Vasanthamugi T, and Twitter – VM AFFLUENCE, to check out my upcoming blogs on Business and Life.

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