September 18, 2019

Barefoot India Campaign is officially coming up with Barefoot Marathon and Walkathon In Bangalore.

Team barefoot India Campaign is officially coming up with barefoot marathon and walkathon In Bangalore.

In association with VM AFFLUENCE and supported by south Film Factory, Media partners -AIRA and The Karnataka Media association..

What is 5K Barefoot walk?

From the Real Initiators of Barefoot India Campaign -An campaign to support people who would not be able to afford to buy footwear’s In India , The funds collected will be used to purchase the Footwear’s and slippers , Barefoot India Campaign has supported closely 2 Cr Population across India in Getting their footwear’s. Uttar Pradesh, In India is the biggest supporting state and distributed closely 20,000 used footwear’s to The Needy People in Karnataka alone.

Image from Left to Right, On the Right Side Mr Joyappa Acchaiah, Founder of Bare Foot Campaign..

A Brief about Barefoot India Campaign and Barefoot Global (BAREFOOT INDIA CAMPAIGN FOR INDIA & BAREFOOT GLOBAL   CAMPAIGNS)

“World’s First ever Campaign to Talk and support Poor people who would not be able afford to Buy Footwear’s and slippers for their daily use and my plan is to promote this campaign to closely 40+ Poor countries in world” said by Mr Joyappa Achaiah, The Founder of the Barefoot India Campaign, Safe Karnataka, Akshada & Food Waste India.

“Team SAFE INDIA wants to create a milestone by making This BAREFOOT INDIA CAMPAIGN not just a National level campaign Rather Make It an International level Campaign. We want to make sure Footwear for all people, Irrespective of any state, We want to Make Barefoot India Campaign Reach across India..In all states , Under this campaign Starting from Karnataka state  ,We would like to support 18 Cr People by supplying 18Cr pairs of footwear’s and slippers  who can’t afford to buy footwear’s has to get support Either from Government of all states with support  Via CSR activities of Corporates ( Barefoot India campaign is a first of its Kind Fundraiser and Health awareness campaign ) Done to support The poor and Needy of society , We had been Barefoot for 100 Days starting from May 1st 2017 to August 8th -2017 , Walking barefoot Wearing Our T-shirt for all the Meetings across India , second Edition of Barefoot will be started From March 1st 2018 to June 8th 2018 , where myself as the founder and initiator of Barefoot India Campaign will be barefoot for 100 days again supporting this campaign and making this campaign reach big “ Said Mr. Joyappa.

Come let’s join hands in Bringing change in society & making India a better place to Live-in

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