September 17, 2019

Dixy Chicken Franchise Business Oppurtunity

Dixy Chicken Franchise Business Opportunity, Dixcy Chicken Planning to expand in all Tier1, Tier2 Cities of India.

Dixy Chicken, a joint venture with Dixy Chicken Euro Ltd. in U.K, which operates 91 Restaurants in U.K, New Zealand & Saudi Arabia. The Joint venture is committed to the long-term growth of the Indian Economy of which F&B is going to be a very strong driving factor. ..

Dixy Franchise Program, India & Dixy Family Restaurants.

Dixy Four Models,

1.Dixy outlet in Food courts in Malls – 400 sq.ft -Investment-Rs. – 35-40-akhs. One time Licence fees for 10 years is Rs 6 lakhs

1(a).Dixy outlet in High Street – 400 sq.ft -Investment-Rs. 35-40 lakhs -One time Licence fees for 10 years is Rs 6 lakhs

2.Dixy Express 40 seater in 1100 sq ft -Investment –Rs. 70-80-lakhs -One time Licence fees for 10 years is Rs 8 lakhs

3.Dixy Diners 60 seater -1200-1500 sq.ft -Investment-Rs.1 to 1.2 Cr. One time Licence fees for 10 years is Rs 10 lakhs

4.Dixy Diners Plus 90 seater -1200-1500 sq.ft -Investment-Rs.1.5 to 1.75 Cr. One time Licence fees for 10 years is Rs 12 lakhs

Dixy Chicken return of investment is approx. 3 years and Dixy franchisee fee is 7% of monthly sales. Unlike most other franchisee companies Dixy manages the outlets for the first 3 months with your consent to ensure that our International standards of Food Quality, Hygiene, Services & Marketing are incorporated by your staff and acted upon satisfactorily. Dixy Chicken team will be running the outlets 24×7. Once your Managers understand the processes and you are confident to run it yourselves we leave the day to day operations to you .Dixy Chicken Franchisee model is completely Franchise friendly

Dixy Chicken Interiors are done by Architect firms that have extensive experience in doin QSR chains Internationally

Dixy Chicken Machinery Brands and Model numbers are the exact same as the Worlds best as also our Raw Material suppliers such as Venky, Midas Foods, Cremica, McCain’s, Kamini Oil etc..Even our Breading and Marination powder comes from Dixy UK.

Website for more details about our India Programme.

Layout of Dixcy Chicken Franchise.

Cost for Setting up a 500 Sq. Ft Area of Franchise.

Cost for Setting up a 300 Sq. Ft Area of Franchise.


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