September 17, 2019

CABTO – One App for Travel, A Bangalore based Startup Company Looking to expand It’s Market Pan India

CABTO – One App for Travel, A Bangalore based Startup Company Looking to expand It’s Market Pan India.

Vision of Cabto 

To build Cabto as a Global Travel Marketplace where customers can discover all On-Demand Intra City & Intercity Travel services at most Economical cost

Mission of Cabto

To empower customers with more choices of On-Demand Travel services for Intra city & Inter city Travel 

CABTO team work tirelessly to give the customers an excellent travelling experience every single time. Making on-demand cabs easily available is a one of the key problems that we are trying to solve, so we continuously strive to ensure supply of cabs and give a surge price indicator during peak hours so as to ensure the customer is thoroughly satisfied every single time. 

Team of Cabto

Save Money with CABTO

CABTO offers real-time pricing of all the major cab service providers in India. Apart from this, CABTO also provides you with a number of attractive offers and discounts. We clearly display if there is a surge price during peak hours and help you choose the perfect cab service available to you at that moment. Make sure you never end up overpaying again while taking cabs.

Save Time with CABTO

With CABTO, you will not only have a comfort of choosing among the best cab service provides, you will also enjoy time saving and quick booking! Yes, you will be surprised to know how fast our little CABTO works – It takes on average only 9 seconds for you to book cab with CABTO. Just enter your destination and voila..your cab will be booked before you know it.


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