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Invest in Franchise Business Model, The Milk Shake Theory – The Company will run the Business on Behalf of you .

“Invest Money in the Franchise based Business Model. The Company will run the Business on behalf of you and will pay you every month Interest with Flexible Returns”

Assured Revenue: For an investment of 18 lakhs we will give you 2%every month , apart from that we will give Rs 10,000 additional for every lakhs greater than 5 lakhs.

For Example if the store turn over is 5.10 lakhs the amount paid is Rs 36 k assured money plus additional 10K for having crossed the 5 lac mark. If we do a turn over of 5.99 lakhs the amount disbursed is the same …in the event the turn over is 6.10 lacs the amount disbursed is Rs 36 K plus additional Rs 20K . 

Exit Clause: In the event if the business does a turn over of 2 lakhs for a continuous period of 3 months then we mutually decide to relocate and run the business for 3 more months , in the event if the business still does not take off we will close the store and salvage the store and equipment on our own but return 50% of the investment. ( ( lakhs in this case), Contact –,,  

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