September 17, 2019

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Hello All, Today We are going to know about the #Businesses that can be #Started with Zero Investment and Use Only the #Talents are #Source of the #Business..







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Above are Few of the Businesses which can be started with #Zero #Investments and You can also receive the payments to your Personal account from your clients.

  • HR Consulting Business – HR Consulting Company can be Created if You Just have a Laptop and Internet Connection with you, Once you have the above two You would need to start working on the Linkedin Marketing, Should be able to connect with as many HR Head’s of the Top Corporate Companies, Mid Size Companies, Technology Companies, Manufacturing Companies and Many More..

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  • What is a LinkedIn Marketing ? LinkedIn is the Important Social Media Platform to develop the complete Professional Connections. Linkedin Marketing is the Only source from where the world’s around 80% of the Professional Connections are being done. Firstly try to create a very High Professional Profile on the Linkedin, This Profile will help you to get the Audience for your Linkedin Profile, Your Professional Experience has to be properly written with Spell Checked, Try to get as many RECOMMENDATIONS on Linkedin with your Ex-Boss, Current Boss Etc, You should also provide recommendations to others, Be Very active In Linkedin, Replying to others Posts on Linkedin, Engaging your Linkedin Contacts with New Posts also should be done, This will Increase your Profile Visibility over Linkedin, and your Linkedin Connects will know What is your Professional Profile, They will also try to connect you with the Audience or Customers who requires your Professional Services.

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  • How can you Connect with More Number of Contacts through Linkedin? In Linkedin you can connect with number of Linkedin Contacts , You can browse a number of Profiles in Linkedin, Connect with them and You can also Introduce yourself to the Linkedin Connects.

  • How will you Introduce yourself for the First time to your LinkedIn Contacts? Once you connect the Linkedin Contacts, They will connect you back, The Linkedin will be sending a Notification saying that you have a New Connection In your Linkedin Contact, Once you click on their Profile you will be having a Message Option, Using This Option you can connect with your Linkedin Connect through the Message, You can write a Professional Message as below,

  • “Dear Sir/Mam, Greetings for the Day ! I run a HR Company, in Bangalore, I have a Professional Experience of around 10 Plus Years, I am looking out to partner with companies like you, to provide the HR & Staffing Solution, Please checkout & , For More details contact ,, & +91 740 6236 456.. Thanks!”

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  • How to Build Second Contact from the Contacts of the LinkedIn? Once you have Connected with any Contact in LinkedIn, It will be asking to connect with the suggested contacts, The Connects of your Contacts,It is very Important to Contact the Contacts of Your Contacts to build more Contacts in LinkedIn Network. Try Building More second level contacts as well.

  • How to get the Project from the Client ? Once your Client replies to your above message you can ask their Official E-Mail id to connect with them directly, You can send your Professional Freelancing Profile in the form of PDF Document to their Official Mail ID, The mail body having the Professional Letter Greeting the Client. Using this technique try to get the current openings from the clients.Work on the Current Openings through the Digital Marketing and Try to Close the Position. To know More about Digital Marketing, Try Learning from Our Online Market Place Portal.

  • How to write the Contract document ? The Contract Document is a Very Important document which helps you to connect with your Client, This Contract document should have the below points clearly mentioned in the document,

  • The Contract owner Name and Address, The Client Name and Address.

  • The Complete Pricing of the Contract should be Clearly mentioned with the Time Frame of the Particular Position to be Closed.

  • The attached Document at the bottom of the Page can be downloaded so to your for your further reference.

  • Regarding the Refund Process ? As you are a Freelancer or Startup Company, It would be very difficult to do the refunding to the client, So mention Clearly in the Contract saying that this particular contract has no-Refund but the services can be obtained from the Servicing Company.

  • Getting the Payments from the Clients ? Not Only for a Startup Company, Even for a Grown up Company or Mid Size Level Company the PAYMENTS TO BE IN TIME is highly Important, As every Company or Freelancer or Startup Company will be having their own commitments to be done such as vendor payment or Employee Salary or If you are a Freelancer your Personal Expenses Etc, So clearly mentioning in the Contract regarding the Payment Terms is also Important, If the Payment crosses the due date the contract can be clearly mentioned such as 10% extra payment on the total Invoice amount due to delay in the Payments. 

  • Technology Outsourcing Business – Technology Outsourcing Business is a very very Highly Valued Business with More Revenue, If you set your Goals in Lakhs and Crore Rupees. 

  • This Particular Technology Outsourcing starts from the Website development, Mobile App development, Business Process Outsourcing for companies with an Initial Commission Percentage value of 20%, Follow the same process to get connected to lots of Linkedin Contact, Write more Blogs and Posts on The Linkedin, to Connect with the Number of Contacts, Message the Contacts with your Professional Services, Take the Projects required from them which has to be worked out, Share it to the Companies who develop the complete codes, Connect both and acquire 20% of the commission amount from the development Company

  • Software Development Business – You can startup with the Website development Company, If you are good in the Web development and Mobile App development, Using the Revenue generated in the company try to build and scale up the company’s revenue and the Projects developed in the company.

  • Soft skills Training Company – You can be a Soft Skills trainer, If you are good at your Communication Skills, Sales Skills, Motivational Training Etc. Follow the same Process of Linkedin Connect.

  • Home Made Food – If you are good at cooking, Connect with many companies near your location using the Linkedin Connect and try to supply the Home Made Food to your Near by Companies. This will earn a very good revenue when you connect yourself with as many companies as you can and deliver the very Quality Food On Time.

  • Digital Marketer – If you have knowledge in Digital Marketing you can connect with the number of the companies through the Linkedin and Market the Products and Services of the different companies so you can acquire the Closure Commission Percentage.

  • Real Estates – Buying, Selling of Lands can be done in the same Process. This also include the same process for the company acquiring and Merging.

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