September 18, 2019

Are you a Builder ? Do you own Land worth of 1 Plus Crore .. Getting Funds are very Easy for your business now…

  • Are you a Builder ? 

  • Are you a Land Owner ?

  • Do you own a Land Worth more than 1 Crore ?

  • Do you belong to the Major Cities of India?

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Many banks, Non Banking Finance Corporations have now come up to provide the Loans for the Builders, Land Owners for their businesses and other construction works. The Interest rates for such loans varies within 8% to 11%, This can also come down based on the business type and the loan requirement for the Business Owner. Are you willing to avail this loan facility, Connect with us on and Whatsapp – +91 740-6789-534 for more details. Please check the attachment for the Documents Required.

Company Profile
Promoters Profile
Project Cost
CMA for 5 years
Implementation Schedule
Present Status
Latest audited financials of Company (Audit Report, Computation, ITR, ITR V and 3CB, CD)
FY 2015-16
FY 2016-17
FY 2017-18

Latest audited financials of Promoters (Audit Report, Computation, ITR, ITR V and 3CB, CD)
FY 2015-16
FY 2016-17
FY 2017-18

Bank Satements for 1 year



Registration and Approval copies
Incorporation certificate
GOI permission for RSW trade
State Govt permission for rsw trade in company name
DGFT permission to the company to export RSW

Existing loans
Sanction letter
Loan statements

Latest Shareholding Statement


Latest List of Sundry Debtors

Latest List of Sundry Creditors

Work Orders on Hand and for the latest years

Property Documents
Copy of the documents
Legal Opinion
Sub Registrar Value
Market Valuation Report



Vasanthamugi, is the Founder & CEO of VM AFFLUENCE & VM OPULENCE, Developing both the Technology and the Finance Company, Helping the Companies in the Technology such as Website, Web Application Development, Mobile Application development & Research of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. VM OPULENCE helps the Companies to raise the Funding and the Common Public to get their loans based on the Collateral. VM OPULENCE is connected with around 200 Plus Funding Organizations across India to help the Startup Companies. For More Information Connect, Whatsapp - +91 740-6789-534

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