September 17, 2019

Business Idea to Startup Company Execution – Business Consulting by VM AFFLUENCE

If you have a good business Idea, A valid business Idea which can be validated with the market research and technology product built with the product, VM AFFLUENCE will help you to build the Idea to the Market Viable product and provide the necessary business consulting works to run the company with the funds either through the Angel Investors, Finance or Funds raised through the Projects executed in the company.

VM AFFLUENCE will be helping your company in the below areas,

1) Assisting in a Validating the Business Idea.

2) Analyzing the Market Potential.

3) Assisting in Building the right Technological Product.

4) Analyzing the Market Competition.

5) Analyzing the Unique Selling Proposition of the Product.

6) Raising Funds through the Angel Investor through the Product in the Company.

7) Raising the Funds through the Debt Capital for the Company.

8) Assisting in Legal, Accounts, Auditing Etc.

9) Assisting in Selling your Product/Services in Commission Conversion Model.

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Vasanthamugi, is the Founder & CEO of VM AFFLUENCE & VM OPULENCE, Developing both the Technology and the Finance Company, Helping the Companies in the Technology such as Website, Web Application Development, Mobile Application development & Research of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. VM OPULENCE helps the Companies to raise the Funding and the Common Public to get their loans based on the Collateral. VM OPULENCE is connected with around 200 Plus Funding Organizations across India to help the Startup Companies. For More Information Connect, Whatsapp - +91 740-6789-534

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