September 18, 2019

#Business Ideas #Grow #From 0 Rs/- to a #Profit of #2 #Million #USD in 6 #Months of #Time..

Hello All, As usual today we can discuss regarding the business which you can start with #Zero Rupees and Scale up to even 2 Million USD, Today which is exactly 12,71,70,000.00, Which is around 12 Crore and 71 Lakhs Rupees..

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So How can You do it ??

Any Guess ??

Now think on all the business you know around you which can create a good money… Still Wondering .. Yes.. Be the Right Real Estate Agent” ..

Oh Yes, Please note that I have mentioned “The Right Real Estate Agent”. .. As Most of them knew well that I had ofcourse started my Business with Zero but today I have grown up my two companies VM AFFLUENCE and VM OPULENCE for three years..Currently I have around 170 Plus Clients across the Globe, My Clients are located in India, Singapore, Malaysia & Nepal.. I have also been approached by many companies to buy my company.. So Now Lets discuss ..

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How can we go from 0 Rs/- to 2 Million USD ..

What Marketing can help you to get positioned in the Market ? What will People think of you, When you say that you are going earn 2 Million USD in 6 Months when you have no money today .. Obviously people will try to turn you down… So It is better that you do not discuss your business plans with the people who Oppose your Ideas.. From the day I have started my business, People thought I am Not going to Win, I will lose everything and Stand out with debts, I am not going to Succeed.. Once I made my business to run for around 2 years, People started contacting me asking If they can Join me as a partner, But Still Now and For the Next 10 Years my answer to their Question will be Only “NO” , It is because I am a Die Hard, Hard-Working Person, Will try to get up again and again even though I fall, but I cannot expect my partners also to be the same.. So I always Preferred to be alone.. The Single Founder Company ..Now Lets go to my Original Motive writing this Blog,

How can you make the 0 Rs/- to 2 Million USD.. Oh Yes.. Now I am going to give you many Ideas, that can Improvise your Business Strategy, Ideology and In turn Improve your Profits..

  • You can check out my Linkedin Marketing Plan in my Other Blogs, Which says the steps as below,

  • Connect with as many Linkedin Contacts as You can, Get to know your Linkedin Contacts through a Personal Message,

  • Know their requirements and Send an Official EMail about the Services you Provide..

Real Estate is nothing but a Complete Marketing, of a Concept, Sell the Product, Here your Product will be “LAND”, “APARTMENT”,”COMPANY FOR SALE” and Many More.. Now once you get the requirements from the client, You should be able to write a Investment Mandate Document. The Investment Mandate Document will be discussed later in this particular magazine..

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Do the Complete Digital Marketing for the Particular Product you would like to Sell, Do a Number of Email Marketing Campaigns for the Product, Choose the Right Database for the Email Marketing.. Convert and Close the Sale, WORK for the Projects worth more than 600 Crores Project, Gain 2% Commission from the Seller.. So Now you have earned 12 Crore Rupees..

To know more about the Digital Marketing, Follow our Blogs More.. 




Vasanthamugi, is the Founder & CEO of VM AFFLUENCE & VM OPULENCE, Developing both the Technology and the Finance Company, Helping the Companies in the Technology such as Website, Web Application Development, Mobile Application development & Research of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. VM OPULENCE helps the Companies to raise the Funding and the Common Public to get their loans based on the Collateral. VM OPULENCE is connected with around 200 Plus Funding Organizations across India to help the Startup Companies. For More Information Connect, Whatsapp - +91 740-6789-534

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