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How to be a #Successful #Freelancer ? How to #Create #Passive #Income ? #SELF-EMPLOYED

Hello Everyone, Today we are going to discuss on “How to be a Successful Freelancer?

Below are the Questions you would need to ask yourself?

  • Which Domain your services would be strong enough?
  • Which part of the Location you are willing to expand your Freelancing services ?
  • How would you rate yourself in the Freelancing work out of 10? What would be your goals in Freelancing Works?
  • How much money you would be willing to earn as a Freelancer Per Month ?
  • How much is your Monthly committed expenses?

Lets discuss on each points to completely analyse your efforts of the Freelancing and How you can Improve your Freelancing Services?

Which Domain your services would be strong enough? You must Completely analyse which domain your Freelancing Services would be Strong enough, You should be a Master in your Freelancing Skills.. You should be able to explain the clients about the Upcoming Important Techniques which can help the client in a Long Run. Create an Impressive Website to display your Profile and the Services of your Freelancing.. This Website should be available in your name. This name will be a brand for your Freelancing works. The Clients should be able to get all the Information about your Services in your Website only . This Website should also be having the portfolio Information..

Freelancing = Proprietor Company

Suppose My Name is “Vasanthamugi”, I am a Freelancer, The Domain name can be as below


Which part of the Location you are willing to expand your Freelancing services ? As a Freelancer you should be very particular on the Location you are willing to expand your services, The Location Constraint is a very Important Consideration as the Complete “Digital Marketing” of your Services will be based on the Particular Location where you would be willing to Freelance your Services. The Complete Digital Marketing Training will be posted in this particular Magazine, You can Subscribe to our Online Magazine to Know More on the Digital Marketing Training.

  • How would you rate yourself in the Freelancing work out of 10? What would be your goals in Freelancing Works? You should be able to rate your Freelancing services, Your rating should be as below,
  • 1- Very Poor in your Services and also in Marketing your Services.
  • 2- Beginner talented in your Freelancing Services, Poor In Marketing your Freelancing Services.
  • 3-Minimum experience in the Freelancing Services, Willing to Connect with the Companies to get the Freelancing Works.
  • 4- Better Knowledge in the Freelanced Services, Willing to Connect with the Companies to get the Freelancing Works.
  • 5- Better Knowledge in the Freelanced Services & Working out the Digital Marketing for getting the Leads.
  • 6- Best Knowledge in the Freelancing Services, Improving the talents in the Freelance Services with Working on the Digital Marketing.
  • 7- Working out both in Improving the Talents in the Freelance Services, Digital Marketing.
  • 8- Working out both in Improving the Talents in the Freelance Services, Digital Marketing, Having a Good Passive Clients.
  • 9- Highly Experienced in the Freelancing Services with High Digital Marketing and Having the Personal Website for expanding their Services across all the Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Etc.
  • 10- Highly Marketed and Having around 10 Strong Fortune 500 Companies in the Freelancing Serving

  • How much money you would be willing to earn as a Freelancer Per Month ? You should be able to Setup a Goal in the Freelance Opportunity, You should be able to Work out for achieving the Goals, Suppose you have the Goal of reaching around 2000 USD Per Month or 3 Clients for your Freelance Works. You should be able to Find out the right Clients for the Freelancing works. You should be very careful not to spend your time with the “Window Shopping” Clients, Your Website can be really helpful for your Window shopping Clients. You should be able to workout with the clients who can be able to monetize your Freelance efforts Immediately.
  • How much is your Monthly committed expenses? Your Goal should be 3 times more than your Monthly committed expenses such as House Rent, Credit Card Bills Etc So that you work for more than your expenses, and Save your Money for the next coming months.
  • What are the Other factors which can Improve your passive Income with the Clients? 
  • Location based Digital Marketing using the Online Social Media Such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram Etc
  • Website with your complete details of your profile and the Services you Provide.
  • Being a Master in your own Services.
  • Promoting your Services everyday Online.
  • Your Costing to be affordable for the value of Services provided to your Clients.
  • You can also use a Number of Freelancing Websites, Updating your Profiles to get the Freelance Works such as Upwork, Etc


  • Upwork. With over 1.5 million clients, Upwork (previously oDesk) offers something for every type of freelancer. …
  • Toptal. …
  • Freelancer. …
  • Craigslist. …
  • Guru. …
  • 99designs. …
  • Peopleperhour. …
  • Freelance Writing Gigs.

How do you Collect your Payment ? You should be able to connect with the Paypal or Payumoney kind of the services to get your payment to your account, Using these services the client will be able to pay you through the Credit Card, Debit Card & Net banking Facility.

Start Freelancing Before Your Quit Your Day Job.

I’m a huge fan of starting a freelance business while you keep your day job, as opposed to immediately pursuing self-employment. 

In addition to the fact that creating a high-quality portfolio website, building your personal brand, and adding to your portfolio naturally takes a good amount of time, it’s a good idea to have a few steady freelance clients on your roster before axing your sole source of income.

I recommend growing your side income to at least 50–75% of your total current income before leaving your full-time job, depending on your risk tolerance.

Managing a tight schedule, heavy workload (including demanding freelance projects), and being responsible for client deliverable with limited time resources will teach you quickly what it’s like to run your own business.

The other awesome benefit of picking up freelance clients while you’re still working full-time is that you can be selective. You likely don’t absolutely need the money. This puts you in a position to turn down work that either doesn’t pay enough to justify your time investment, or that you’re not genuinely interested in.

These are two points you’ll need to be a stickler about if you want to be happy once you’re freelancing full-time.

Level Up Your Skills.

The best way to justify higher rates? Make sure you have impressive skills that are in high demand.

Practice using your new skills by building the types of projects that you want to eventually be paid to work on. Whether that’s WordPress websites, mobile apps, or something else entirely, the more you can differentiate yourself among a sea of competition with cool side projects and examples that’ll attract potential customers, the better.

And remember that while highly trained freelancers can get paid much more for their work, you don’thave to head back to school for BS in computer science to get on the train. Taking online classes like a Skillcrush Blueprint can get you on the right track and put you in charge of your education.

Build Your Credibility.

There are many ways to build your credibility within your industry. Aside from creating high quality blog content and collaborating with notable influences in your industry, you can write an eBook, create an online course, and line up speaking engagements to start increasing your visibility within your niche.

These credibility-boosters can help you add your list of accomplishments that you can highlight on your portfolio and simultaneously demonstrate your knowledge for more potential clients to see. The wider you can broadcast your message, the more influence you’ll build within your niche.

Determine Your Pricing.

While deciding how much to charge for your freelance services is a major step toward determining your perceived value, you need to make sure you’re charging enough to make a sustainable, comfortable living. Most clients won’t hesitate to pay higher rates for a freelancer that gives them an incredible first impression and sells them on the ability to deliver high quality results.

As long as I continue to deliver consistent value to my clients (beyond their expectations), I have no trouble setting and maintaining high prices for the services I’m providing.

Before setting your prices at the bare minimum you need to charge in order to hit your financial needs, consider the actual value you’d be creating for your potential clients and make sure you’re not leaving money on the table. You can always increase your rates in the future and hope your client stays on board, but if you start at a price point you’re already excited about, you’ll be that much more likely to over-deliver and continue increasing your value moving forward.

Leverage Your Network for Introductions.

One of the most effective ways to land higher quality and better paying freelance work is through leveraging your existing networks. Whether it’s pitching your actual friends and former co-workers on freelance help, or using their connections to make warm introductions to companies you do want to work with, this is a great alternative to cold contacting potential clients.

(Need more help actually building a network? Get Skillcrush’s free ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Non Sleazy Networking!)

Whenever I discover a freelance opportunity I want to pursue on, CloudPeeps, or elsewhere, I give myself 10–15 minutes to research the company, find my ideal point of contact, and do a little homework on if I have a mutual connection on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook before reaching out with a cold email.

If I do have a mutual contact, I’ll reach out to my friend (only if I’m actually friends with them) and ask if they’d mind sending an email introduction on my behalf.

This approach, where my first impression is being endorsed by a recommendation from someone my potential client already knows, has consistently netted me higher response and close rates.

Perfect Your Pitching.

There’s an art and science to pitching your freelance services to new clients. Because it’s such an important part of running a profitable freelance business, I created an entire online course on the topic of writing freelance proposals that convert, and I even give away my freelance proposal template for free.

Landing new clients isn’t just a matter of crafting an awesome freelance proposal. Your success depends on how you’re selecting new jobs, how you position your value propositions, and how much research you do ahead of time.

I’ve won new gigs simply because I clearly put in more time and effort into researching the company, determining their needs, and providing immense up front value in the form of insightful recommendations before I even discuss payment. In the world of freelancing, much of your success will depend upon the strength of your client relationships, and how well you’re able to forge meaningful partnerships.

Blog Frequently.

The goal of having a website showcasing your skills is to attract and convert new clients. What better way to increase the number of potential new clients coming across your website than by creating high quality blog content that positions you as a stand out expert within your field?

At the beginning, aim for creating one or two in-depth blog posts per month, geared toward providing truly helpful solutions that your potential clients may be searching for. Note: That means you’ll be writing for an audience of your clients, not other people in your field.

Once they discover your content and get some free value from you, you’ll naturally be top-of-mind if they’re ready to hire out for more in-depth help.

I initiated the majority of the freelance contracts I’ve landed over the last year by mentioning a company in a successful blog post on my website. After publishing my in-depth post chronicling all of the best side business ideas, I spent a lot of time reaching out to a carefully chosen person at each brand or online tool I mentioned, asking if I cited them correctly within the post. The majority of them wrote back either confirming or offering a suggestion, which then gave me an opportunity to either pitch a guest post, ask them to share my content with their audience on social, or open the door to a potential marketing contract.

Build your Passive Income? Passive income — money you make on the side with little effort — is the hottest way to build wealth, and for good reason: Millionaires, entrepreneurs and the average Joe all understand that passive income makes it easier to compound your overall returns even further. 

Generate enough passive income, and suddenly you have the chance to become truly wealthy. But, wait: nothing is ever that easy; And, there’s no such thing as 100 percent passive income. Building passive income actually requires hustle and an investment of time upfront to get your money off the ground and growing while you eat, sleep and play. Maintaining that growth means making sure that you’re using the right tools and strategies to automate the work for you.

Goal Settings, Goal Setting has to be a Very Crucial Factor which is very Important that you are very clear and concise on your path you travel. Goal setting involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person or group toward a goal.Goal setting can be guided by goal-setting criteria (or rules) such as SMART criteria. Goal setting is a major component of personal-development and management literature. This Goal Setting can be done through the “Google Spreadsheet” having the detailed listing of your Goals along with the details on how you are going to achieve the Goals. Suppose you can Improve your Digital Marketing and get the Clients who are willing to take up your Services, this will ensure that you do a Continuous Follow Ups so you get the Project.

  1. The importance of the expected outcomes of goal attainment,
  2. Self-efficacy: one’s belief that they are able to achieve the goals,
  3. Commitment to others: promises or engagements to others can strongly improve commitment.

Be A Strong Net-worker – 

Developing and using contacts made in business for purposes beyond the reason for the initial contact. For example, a sales representative may ask a customer for names of others who may be interested in his product. .

The ability to network is one of the most crucial skills any entrepreneur can have. How else will you meet the clients and contacts necessary to grow your business? But many people are put off by the idea of networking, thinking it requires a phony, glad-handing personality that oozes insincerity. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Think a moment. What does a good networker do? How does he or she act? What is his or her basic attitude? You’ll probably be surprised at how much you instinctively know about the subject.

You may decide, for example, that a good networker should be outgoing, sincere, friendly, supportive, a good listener or someone who follows up and stays in touch. To determine other skills an effective networker needs, simply ask yourself “How do I like to be treated? What kinds of people do I trust and consider good friends?”

Now that you have an idea of what attributes a good networker must have, take an objective look at your own interactive abilities. Do you consider yourself shy and regard networking groups as threatening? Do you tend to do all the talking in a conversation? Do you give other people referrals and ideas without a thought to your own personal gain? Can people count on your word?

Many people go to networking events, but very few know how to network effectively. Networking is more than just getting out and meeting people. Networking is a structured plan to get to know people who will do business with you or introduce you to those who will.

The best way to succeed at networking is to make a plan, commit to it, learn networking skills and execute your plan. To make the best plan, ask yourself: What do I want to achieve? How many leads (prospects) do I want per month? Where do my customers and prospects go to network? What business organizations would benefit my business? How can I build my image and my business’s image? What would I like to volunteer to do in the community?

Make a five-year networking plan listing your five best customers, five targeted prime prospects and five targeted organizations. Next, set goals for involvement in each organization, determine how much time you will need to commit to each organization and prospect, and decide what kinds of results you expect.

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