September 18, 2019

Myna Batavia, Founder of #Green Carpet …#Successful #Women #Entrepreneur

Ms. Myna Batavia is the founder of Green Carpet, headquartered in Bangalore. She completed her graduation from Mysore University. In her initial working life, Ms. Myna worked in Gulf Region, Kenya, and the Far East as well. Myna Batavia was a consultant in Proctor & Gamble, India.

Ms. Myna is been awarded as the Outstanding Personality Development Trainer of India Award by Junior Chamber International, USA. Given the vast interest and knowledge of plants and an avid gardener Ms. Myna, established her own firm Green Carpet – the Garden Centre in Bangalore.

Ms. Myna has made Green Carpet as the only organization in the garden industry to have a Pan – India Presence. It is a pioneered concept of a one-stop shop for complete gardening needs. Ms. Myna made her organization as the single supplier of planters for the Delhi airport project of GMR group.

Profile of Green Carpet – The Garden Center:

Green Carpet-The Garden Centre was set up in 2002 with the objective of providing a single umbrella for all gardening and landscaping needs of residential owners, corporate
offices and commercial enterprises.

Today Green Carpet has incorporated the following categories which encompass practically all products that are required in a garden:

• Tools
• Fertilizers
• Pesticides
• Artifacts
• Garden Furniture & Furnishing
• Pots, Planters, Baskets
• Gardening Clothes
• Accessories
• Bonsai
• Terrariums

The local suppliers are predominantly from the cottage industry whose products are of high quality and competitively priced. In addition, the premium garden products imported from Germany, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Taiwan and Vietnam.
A pioneer in providing end-to-end solutions for complete gardening needs, Green Carpet in the last fifteen years since inception, has become a benchmark for quality service, on
time delivery of products nation-wide with access to the best products available the world over. 

In order to ensure that every customer has easy product access, Green Carpet has set up its dealer and franchise network in Coorg, Cochin, Hyderabad, Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Surat, Delhi and Chandigarh. Green Carpet is the country distributor for two German conglomerates, Lechuza GmbH & Co and Scheurich GmbH & Co.

VM AFFLUENCE Questions to Ms Myna Batavia

  • What would be the Short term & Long Term Goals of Ms. Myna for the Green Carpet?

The road map for Green Carpet over the next five years would be to establish brick and mortar presence in key metros in the country. The aim is also to increase awareness of our products and services in tier 2 & 3 cities.

  • ​Is Green Carpet a Funded or Self Funded Company or a company looking for Investment?

 Till date, the business was funded by self and through debt. Now, to escalate our expansion plans, we are open to strategic partners and investors.

  • What are the Challenges faced by Ms Myna in creating the Green Carpet Company?

At the time of establishing Green Carpet, the challenges were multifold. Building a market from ground zero, changing consumer perception towards investing in garden related products, establishing brand value were some of the initial challenges that we had to surmount.

  • How can Ms Myna help the Startup Companies through her Green Carpet?

Over the past 15 years, the market has definitely matured with new players entering the arena. It’s an exciting and a competitive market to consider entering for any startup aspirant. He/she can definitely benefit from my experience.

  • How can Ms Myna be a role model for the Women Entrepreneurs across the Globe?

I believe that I represent a multitude of women who have charted new territories hitherto unexplored. Overcoming challenges, ensuring sustainability in one’s venture, building a scalable business with a quick turnaround in profitability will be the key takeaways for any woman entrepreneur.

  • Is there any Email ID that Ms Myna can be contacted for the people who visit this particular link..for any business purposes? –

Company  Website –


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