September 18, 2019

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An accomplished Designer with two successful startups to her credit, Veena Gil has worn
many hats before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey. She started her career as a Web engineering instructor and moved on to work as a Software Developer in an IT firm in
Bahrain. After a short stint of five years in the Gulf, she returned home to Kerala and founded 3dBricks design firm along with her husband Prasanth Ravichandran in 2008.

With her background in Software Development, she put together a strong team to create 3D architectural visualization for many renowned Architects and Construction firms across the globe. In a span of 2 years the company spread its wings to residential sector planning, Elevations and the Interior Designing. Some of her work was featured in popular design magazines like “Inside Outside”, “Vanitha Veedu”,Designer,Smart Home to name a few. The firm
has also created a niche for itself through television shows ,blogs and vlogs.

The firm employees a lot of local talented skilled laborers. There are plans to open new training center and production factory to facilitate the training women in technical work categories like Electrician,  Plumbing, and Carpentry. The aim is to promote women in this sector and empower them to work in sectors predominantly staffed by men.

On the other hand it is also an idea that sprouted out of the acute labor scarcity problems in Kerala. Veena being a trained self-defense combat with expertise in Kalaripayattu and Karate also intends to extend her experience to her female employee and plans to include self-defense training as part of their vocational training.

She is of the opinion that learning a self-defense technique can boost confidence and make women emotionally and physically strong to work along with men. She is now busy with her latest venture Antharyamin, a wellness resort which incorporates Auyrveda ,yoga and Indian cultural wisdom which aims to reintroduce the forgotten way of living in harmony with nature. Amidst all the business activities she is also a doting mother and has an nine year old daughter. She is of the opinion that with the right kind of support and planning, any mother can go back to work after childbirth. Veena says, “Passion combined with vision is the mantra for success. In India considering the way patriarchal society is set up the road to success for a woman is going to be tough, there is no doubt about it, but if you really wish and dream about doing something then nothing can stop you from achieving it”.

About the 3DBricks – Building Your Dream Home Dexterously

Based in Trivandrum, India, 3DBricks is a global planning, designing and consulting firm for sublime architectural solutions. 3DBricks talks future tense to redefine what traditionally is known as interiors and exteriors. Our team of experienced architects, civil engineers, interior designers and structural designers help us to render exuberant personalized client services through our expertise.

We are a totally client driven company that enjoys and encourages your participation in the project. You narrate us your dream and we cautiously carve it in bricks and mortar. We present the exact plan in 3D image for your deliberation and once approved by you, it is replicated with the same design, fabric, pattern, lighting and every single contour.

Why You Will Love What We Do

Putting our best strength of “listening you” frontward, we believe in providing exactly what you need in your dream home or work place in and out. No matter how big or small your project is we carefully place perfect things to surround and impact your life inside. To make our services more comprehensible for you, we packed them into classified packages to choose from:

  • Residential Package

  • Interior Design Package

  • Floor Plan

  • Real Estate Advisory

  • Property Staging

  • New Builds

  • Solar Power Generation and more

Our innovative elevation concepts, 3 D floor plans, interior concepts, walk through, 3D modeling and visualization services reflect our commitment and our sheer excellence.

3DBricks help you see your building before it is built as eventually you will be building your life in it. We welcome you to have a virtual walk through your property to closely scan everything to be just as you always desired and then experience it taking shape in real!


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