September 18, 2019

Entrepreneurship & Investor Summit – 2018 – 14th-April-2018, Saturday Bangalore

Entrepreneurship & Investor Summit Organized by Redzo Info, Dubai & Redington Info System Bangalore. This Event is Organized for the benefit of the Entrepreneurs to know about the Software Product Building, The Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the Product development which will eventually help the companies to grow their customer base across the Globe. This Summit comprises of the gathering of the Entrepreneurs, Seed Investors & Angel Investors. The Summit is scheduled on 14th April 2018, Saturday from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

The Speakers for the Events are as below,

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Ms. Sapna Kotary, Founder of Redinton Info Systems.

Mr Karthik, Founder & CTO

Mr. Mukul Soni, Marketing Head of Ritz World.

Mr. Muthu, Testing Head

Mr. Krishna Reddy, Founder of Topo App Digital

Ms. Vasanthamugi, Founder of VM AFFLUENCE

Ms. Asha, HR Head of Digi Appt

Mr Karthik Elumalai, Founder

Mr Karthik, Founder of Intellihub

Seed Investors & Angel Investors

Venue of the Summit – St. Marks Hotel, MG Road, Bangalore, Lunch, Tea/Coffee will be Provided at the Venue

We will have a main discussion on the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to be used in the Product development for the benefit of the Organization.

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Vasanthamugi, is the Founder & CEO of VM AFFLUENCE & VM OPULENCE, Developing both the Technology and the Finance Company, Helping the Companies in the Technology such as Website, Web Application Development, Mobile Application development & Research of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. VM OPULENCE helps the Companies to raise the Funding and the Common Public to get their loans based on the Collateral. VM OPULENCE is connected with around 200 Plus Funding Organizations across India to help the Startup Companies. For More Information Connect, Whatsapp - +91 740-6789-534

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