September 17, 2019

WordPress & Woocommerce Websites, A New Perspective Look…

WordPress is an Efficient and Convenient tool to build a Website, This WordPress is a Dynamic Content Management system Website that helps the end customers to update the contents in the websites within Minutes, WordPress has a number of beautiful themes designed which will help the customers to choose within the variety of themes. Using WordPress a very efficient and the most complicated websites can be built. The WordPress has a number of Inbuilt Plugins which are very helpful for building the better Websites or Web Portal for different Industrial Domains.  

How to acknowledge the right theme for the word press?

WordPress has a number of beautiful theme, which can help the customers to choose between the number of Industrial domains. It varies from a Standard Template to CSS Animation based Web portals. Changing the Slides with the content will make your Website look very beautiful.

 How to choose the right colors for your Website ?

The Right colors for the website can be chosen based on your Logo Color. The Color is something that will build the brand for your company. This will also help you to Maintain the Brand Reputation In the Online Market. If the color of the Website theme is not the same as your Brand, You can change the Color using the Stylesheet CSS in the WordPress Directory.

How to choose the right plugins for your Word press?

The Plugins for the WordPress theme should be based on the WordPress Version and the PHP Version of your Server. You can also identify the right plugin version in the Plugin Section, It will display if the version of the Plugin is latest and compatible with the current version of the word press.

How to work on the Search Engine Optimization?

WordPress has number of Inbuilt plugins that can be used to add the Meta Tag, Meta Tag description, The Title Tag and other Search Engine based Content development system.

What are the different kinds of the Word Press theme?

The most famous word press theme for the domains would be Content Management System Themes, Woo Commerce Based WordPress Themes…

Is the Word press theme highly Secured Compared to Other CMS ?

The WordPress is the most hacked websites, compared to the other CMS, There are already many Inbuilt plugins which can help the Website to be prevented from Hacking. The Ideas that would prevent the hacking will be discussed in the upcoming blogs. Anyways It is the Responsibility of the Company owners to protect the website with the SSL Certificate which helps to prevent the loss of the data during the transit. This would be very helpful when you are using the Payment Gateway Integration in your website.

Payment Gateway Integration in your Website..

The WordPress website can be Integrated with the Number of Indian and International Payment Gateway System such as Paypal, PAYUMoney, Paytm Etc..

Currency Conversion in the WordPress..

The Currency conversion API’s are available in the WordPress themes, Automatic currency conversion is possible..

Prevent WordPress Websites from Hacking..

In the Next Post..





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